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Nina Corbett has produced and written for network television for over 15 years. The New York native worked for years as a writer and producer for the popular morning talk shows, Rolonda and The Montel Williams Show.  Since moving to California ten years ago, she has expanded her diverse talents into a variety of television formats, including news, sitcom and reality television.

Upon her initial move to Hollywood, she worked for two seasons on Robert Townsend's sitcom, The Parent’hood where she assisted in the writing department. The inspiring atmosphere motivated her to move forward with her own personal writing passions. She eventually wrote and submitted a sitcom spec script to the prestigious Warner Bros. writing program, in which she became a finalist.

Since then, Corbett has continued to work as a writer, producer, and casting director on several television programs for E!, FOX, NBC and CBS.  Her casting credits include The Amazing Race, Temptation Island, Big Brother, Brat Camp, and Supernanny,
to name a few.

She currently works as a casting producer on reality television shows while continuing to pursue her love for creative writing.
“Standing in the Shadows of Love” is her debut novel.