Veteran television producer and writer Nina Corbett
is often asked
"How do I break into the television business?”
“Where do I find the right guests for my television project?”
“What should I do to get on a reality show?”
If you are interested in working behind the scenes, seeking tips on how to get cast on a television show, or if you need professional input for your upcoming television project you’re at the right place.
Casting director, producer and writer Nina Corbett has over 15 years of experience in the television industry.  She has produced and cast for several, hit shows for major networks such as ABC, CBS, and NBC, to name a few.  Her vast experience includes work on game shows, reality shows, news magazine formats and a sitcom. 
Now as a television consultant and coach, Corbett draws upon her years of industry experience and professional knowledge to help others excel in the competitive television field.
Corbett can help you set up an action plan, give you professional guidance or recommend solid resources that can put you on the
right path to reach your goals.
Whether you are a college student with industry to the television business and need direction...or a reality fan looking for casting tips...
Nina Corbett has the answers for you.
For more information or to schedule a phone consultation, email Nina -
List of programs Nina Corbett has produced, written, or cast:
Big Brother - CBS
Amazing Race - CBS
Supernanny - ABC
Brat Camp - ABC
Style Court - E! Entertainment
The Parent’hood - WB
Temptation Island - FOX
Les Brown Show - ABC
The Rolonda Show - ABC
Montel Williams Show - Paramount
Additional networks/production companies Nina Corbett has been affiliated:
Paramount Productions
Warner Bros.
Telepictures Productions
Tribune Entertainment
Court TV