From the Desk of BET BOOKS/SEPIA:

  BET BOOKS continues to offer the best in contemporary    fiction and Nina Corbett is clearly a talented addition.
  Standing In The Shadows of Love:

  An exciting television career hasn’t stopped Ashley Taylor from worrying that
  she’s waited too long to have a baby.  Her relationships have been one disaster
  after another and she’s given up on finding love. She’s ready to have a baby
  with the help of a sperm bank, but her best friend Maya tries to persuade her
  to keep searching for Mr. Right…even though Maya feels stuck in a long term
  relationship with boyfriend David, who is definitely Mr.Wrong…

  While Maya is trying to decide whether to end her roller-coaster
  relationship with David, she is swept into a situation filled with lies, deceit
  and escalating tension.  As for Ashley, her meddling mother has fixed her up
  with a handsome stranger!  Ashley has baby on the brain and wants nothing to
  do with Kevin Hughes—until she meets him and finds herself falling for his
  southern charm. But is Kevin ready for a wife and family, or is he just
  another guy playing games with her heart?